Projected increases in PCDD/F concentrations in plant foods and beef per unit increase in soil or feed contamination levels. CL, confidence limit.The data are derived from the regression curves for plant and animal foods shown in Table 7. This figure illustrates the increases in PCDD/F concentrations in beef fed feed or forage contaminated with. PCDD/F cleanup with active carbon 1 2 Figure 1. Flow diagram of the sample extraction and cleanup procedures. 4 Table 3. Gas Chromatograph and Mass Spectrometer Conditions GC Conditions Column (1) 2.0 m x 0.25 mm uncoated siltek deactivated fused silica Pressure controlled tee Agilent p/n G3186 Původ PCDD/F o antropogenní -výroba aromatických chlorderivátů(například výroba herbicidů), chlorové bělení papíru, tavení rud, produkty neřízeného spalování odpadů a jiné o přírodní -lesní požáry, sopečné erupce Biologická transformace a degradace polychlorovaných dibenzo-p-dioxinů a dibenzofuranů (PCDD/F

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  1. In another, beef with PCDD/F incurred in an animal feeding trial was fried, grilled, barbecued, roasted using conventional and microwave ovens, and stewed in an open pan and pressure cooked. Concentration changes, on a whole product basis, were observed between raw and cooked product. However, in all cases these could be explained simply.
  2. Skupina polutantů, označovaná v literatuře zkratkou PCDD/F - polychlorované dibenzo-p-dioxiny (PCDD) a polychlorované dibenzofurany (PCDF) (obecně dioxiny a furany) - patří mezi nejsledovanější škodliviny v životním prostředí. Látky PCDD/F vzbudily mimořádnou odbornou i politickou pozornost po průmyslové havárii dne 10. 7
  3. PCDD/F nebo zkráceně dioxiny), polyaromatické uhlovodíky (PAH) a polychlorované bifenyly (PCB). Dioxiny jsou obecně definovány jako látky, které jsou nebezpeþné i ve stopovém mnoţství. Jejich vysoká chemická stabilita zpŧsobuje dlouhé setrvávání v prostředí, a tí
  4. Polychlorinated dibenzodioxins (PCDDs), or simply dioxins, are a group of polyhalogenated organic compounds that are significant environmental pollutants. They are commonly but inaccurately referred to as dioxins for simplicity, because every PCDD molecule contains a dibenzo-1,4-dioxin skeletal structure, with 1,4-dioxin as the central ring

émissions de PCDD/F, la prise en compte au niveau international d'une autre classe de produits halogénés, les PCB de type dioxine (PCB-DL) dans l'estimation du risque global de ce type de molécules, l'amélioration des connaissances de leursmécanismes d'action toxicologique et l PCDD/F congener profiles are of interest in part because, if robust and unique profiles can be established for specific types of PCDD/F sources, it might be possible to identify and apportion source contributions to ambient total PCDD/F concentrations or TEQ levels (Gullett and Wikström, 2000, Abad et al., 2004, Pleil and Lorber, 2007, Kim et. PCDD è la sigla utilizzata per indicare le policloro-dibenzo-p-diossine, famiglia di diossine che presentano più sostituenti cloro sui due anelli benzenici. Le PCDD vengono comunemente misurate, come d'altra parte le diossine e le sostanze correlate in genere, in tossicità equivalente (TEQ) alla tetracloro-dibenzo-p-diossina (TCDD)

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0.75 ng WHO-PCDD/F-TEQ//kg (1,2) Feedingstuffs for fish Feedingstuffs for pet animals. 2.25ng WHO-PCDD/F-TEQ//kg (1,2) (1) upperbound concentrations; upperbound concentrations are calculated assuming that all values of the different congeners less than the limit of determination are equal to the limit of determination PCDD/F concentrations in the exhaust gases were found to be in the range of control blank samples. Based on the highest concentration observed in the truck engine exhaust (9.7 pg I-TEQ/dry standard m3) a worst case estimate of the annual PCDD/F emission freight from diesel fuel combustion in the European countries of about 30 g I-TEQ/year is.

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  1. The term dioxins refers to two categories of differently chlorinated compounds consisting of 75 polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins (PCDD) and 135 polychlorinated dibenzofurans (PCDF). Dioxins (PCDD/F) have similar chemical and physical properties
  2. eral fertilizer since 1962. Umlauf G(1), Christoph EH, Lanzini L, Savolainen R, Skejo H, Bidoglio G, Clemens J, Goldbach H, Scherer H
  3. ants or by-products. They have no known commercial or natural use. Dioxins are produced primarily during the incineration or burning of waste; the bleaching processes used in pulp and pape
  4. Výzkum v oblasti řešení problematiky technologie na zachycování škodlivých látek typu PCDD/F z kouřových plynů SMS CZ provádí vlastní výzkum v oblasti řešení problematiky technologie na zachycování škodlivých látek typu PCDD/F z kouřových plynů vznikajících spalováním nebezpečných odpadů. V letech 2003 a 2004 získala dotaci na vědu a výzkum tohoto programu.
  5. The highest levels of PCDD/F, PCB, PBDE, HBCD and chlorinated pesticides were found in the fish/fish products. The estimated market basket per capita intake of PCDD/F and dl-PCB was 0.7pg WHO-TEQ kg bw (-1) d (-1) (TEFs from 1998)
  6. Spalováním rychle rostoucích dřevin, bioplynu, slámy, dřevních briket a peletek za běžných podmínek podle autorů vznikají nebezpečné persistentní organické látky a to zejména polychlorované dibenzodioxiny a dibenzofurany (PCDD/F) a to v míře až 40-ti násobně vyšší než u spaloven komunálních odpadů
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Polychlorinated dibenzo- p -dioxins (PCDDs or dioxins) and polychorinated dibenzofurans (PCDFs or furans) are produced unintentionally as by-products of industrial processes such as the combustion of waste products and the manufacture of pesticides and other chlorinated substances There are 210 PCDD/F and 209 PCB congeners, of which only seventeen 2,3,7,8-substituted PCDD/Fs and 12 PCBs elicit a similar spectrum of effects through a common mechanism of action Emission of PCDD/F, PCB, and HCB from combustion of firewood and pellets in residential stoves and boilers Environ Sci Technol . 2006 Aug 15;40(16):4968-75. doi: 10.1021/es0524189

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Figure 4 Simulation PCDD/F formation in the Umea furnace burning MSW. The de novo estimation used 2% carbon and 1.9% chlorine, while SO 2 concentration decreased de novo PCDD/F formation by 29%.The high particulates burden of 850 mg Sm-3 and an assumed 100 micron mean particulate size led to 0.38 ngI-TEQ g-1 on the ash In the health risk assessment, carcinogenic risk was calculated for PCDD/F and dl-PCBs made according to the exposure scenarios established for the study. The total intake values for the sum of PCDD/F and dl-PCB were found between 0.08 and 0.37 pg TEQ/kg.day for adults

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Dioxins & furans (PCDD/F) The website uses cookies in order to customise it to your needs and to optimise the functionality and content of the website While total PCDD/F yields varied by a factor of 5 to 6, the distributions of congeners were similar. A conditional probability model, dependent only on the observed distribution of monochlorinated isomers, was developed to predict the distributions of polychlorinated isomers formed by chlorination of dibenzo- p -dioxin (DD) and dibenzofuran (DF)

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PCDD/F and PCB intake assessments, body burdens in the general population, breast milk concentrations, and change with time of these contaminants were compared with the corresponding results from Europe or around the world. Intake studies revealed that the average adult Finnish intake of PCDD/Fs and PCBs was 1.5 p PCDD/F-compounds were never synthesized for any purpose, except for small quantities for scientific research. Small amounts of PCDD/Fs are formed whenever organics, oxygen and chlorine are available at suitable temperatures. This is augmented by metal catalysts such as copper. The optimal temperature range is 400 °C to 700 °C Summe der Dioxine (PCDD/F), ausgedrückt in Toxizitätsäquivalenten (TEQ) der WHO unter Verwendung der WHO-TEF(2005). Die Berechnung erfolgt nach dem Verfahren der Konzentrationsobergrenzen: Konzentrationsobergrenzen werden unter der Annahme berechnet, dass sämtliche Werte der einzelnen Kongenere, die unter der Bestimmungsgrenze liegen, gleich der Bestimmungsgrenze sind

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Eliminace toxických POP. Pomáháme řešit cesty eliminace škodlivých látek z průmyslových zdrojů a složek životního prostředí. Soustředili jsme se na látky typu PCDD/F, PCB, OCP, PCB, PCP, hormony, antibiotika, polární pesticidy a jejich metabolit Les rejets de dioxines et furannes (PCDD-F) sont principalement issus de procédés non énergétiques et de la combustion de déchets municipaux et industriels. Ainsi, en 1990 leurs émissions cumulées représentées 97% des émissions du territoire national À la même époque, plusieurs équipes de chercheurs suspectent que les dioxines (PCDD et furanes (F) (stockés dans le sol ou apportés par divers intrants tels que compost, boues d'épuration, cendres et autres amendements organiques) peuvent aussi être volatilisés à partir du sol, notamment quand il est réchauffé par le soleil, pour. Although both approaches were capable of detecting ultra-low concentrations of total PCDD/Fs, the modified 0023A approach showed better detectability for the 17 toxic PCDD/F congeners. Furthermore, the modified 0023A approach demonstrated higher precision as determined from statistical analysis of sample-to-sample variation

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Sum of dioxins (PCDD/Fs) and dioxin-like PCBs (DL-PCBs), expressed as WHO toxic equivalent using the WHO-TEFs(2005), calculation by using upperbound concentrations: upperbound concentrations are calculated on the assumption that all the values of the different congeners below the limit of quantification (LOQ) are equal to the limit of quantification WHO-PCDD/F-TEQ ist die Summe der Toxizitätsäquivalente der insgesamt 17 toxikologisch wichtigsten Dioxinen und Furanen. WHO-PCB-TEQ ist die Summe der Toxizitätsäquivalente der 12 dl-PCB, denen wie den Dioxinen TEF zugeordnet wurden, welche diese PCB-Kongenere gemäß ihrer Toxizität im Vergleich zu 2,3,7,8-TCDD einstufen PCDD/F-yhdisteiden päästölähteet Yhdysvalloissa 1987-2000. Muodostuminen: PCDD/F-yhdisteitä muodostuu pieninä määrinä, jos palaessa on hiiltä, happea ja klooria sekä metallikatalyyttejä ja jos lämpötila on sopiva. Optimilämpötila on 400-700°C. Merkittävimmät PCDD/F-lähteet ovat olleet sekajätteen poltto liian alhaisessa. dioxin max. 500 pg WHO-PCDD/F-TEQ/kg: všechny druhy nebo kategorie zvířat---pro všechna krmiva: E 566: Natrolit fonolit: přirozená směs hlinitých křemičitanů, alkalických zemin a hydroxykřemičitanů Al, natroliru (43 - 46,5 %) a živce dioxin max. 500 pg WHO-PCDD/F-TEQ/kg. všechny druhy nebo kategorie zvířat--25000: pro.

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PCDD/F. The emission of PCDD/F from waste incinerators has initiated concerns about whether high-temperature thermal treatment is an appropriate and acceptable dis-posal method for these wastes. Although incinerator emissions of these components are small in comparison with the overall emission rates of PCDD/F to the environ PCDD/F. Less studies explicitly focused on iron oxide (Fe 2O 3) as a catalyst; a good reason is its feeble activity. Still, haematite (Fe 2O 3) is the leading iron ore and logicall

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PCDD/F are mobilized by the heat from the sintering flame front and are carried by the air flow to be trapped by condensation on cooler burden at lower regions of the sinter bed. As the flame front moves downwards through the sinter bed, the trapped PCDD/F are re-volatilized and are swept downwards. Towards the end of the sinter strand, no cold. The PCDD/F concentrations in the soils used as controls in these studies are closer to if slightly lower than the concentrations found in sludge-amended agricultural soils. Furthermore, differences in soil properties, such as organic matter content, between contaminated and sludge-amended soils may affect plant uptake.. catalyze PCDD/F synthesis prompted another trial in late 1996. At this time trona was pneumatically injected into the flue gas, just downstream of the boiler, during an additional dioxin/furan compliance run. Although this provided only a single data point, the results were encouraging since the PCDD/F on a TEQ basis were reduced to. *Name in Gold indicates that PCDD has made their final roll call. PAST CHIEF ROSTER. PCDD Gerald L. Bakelaar. 1st Chief Devil Dog. 1939-1941. New Jersey . PCDD C. A. Gallagher. 2nd Chief Devil Dog. 1941-1943. New Jersey. PCDD Joseph T. Alvarez. 3rd Chief Devil Dog. 1943-1944. Massachusetts. PCDD Walter Donnelly. 4th Chief Devil Dog

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Recent work at the U. S. EPA has examined fundamental concepts regarding formation and minimization of polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins and dibenzofurans (PCDDs/Fs) in combustion scenarios. This paper summarizes some of these main findings, drawing on work from multiple studies. Results have shown both fuel- and deposit-carbon sources resulting in PCDD/F formation Moreover, PCDD/F vapour/particulate phase distributions varied significantly under three transient conditions. The PCDD/F vapour phase proportion decreased as the shut-down process continued, then increased as the start-up process proceeded, finally more than 98% of the PCDD/F congeners were distributed in the vapour phase after start-up sti però solo 17, 7 PCDD e 10 PCDF rispettivamente, destano particolare preoccupazione dal punto di vista tos-sicologico. La tossicità* delle diossine dipende dal numero e dalla posizione degli atomi di cloro sull'anello aromatico, le più tos-siche possiedono 4 atomi di cloro lega-ti agli atomi di carbonio β dell'anell Working Group for Measurement Uncertainty in PCDD/F and PCB Analysis - 2017 8 Practical examples based on laboratory data help connect theory with the application, thus making the theoretical basis of the approach more accessible to the analyst

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Polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxin and polychlorinated dibenzofuran (PCDD/F) emissions from combustion of forest biomass were sampled to obtain an estimated emission factor for forest fires. An equal composition of live shoot and litter biomass from Oregon and North Carolina was burned in an enclosed monitored facility, and emissions were sampled with a modified ambient air sampling method for sampling PCDD/F is high, and adjusting the operating parameters is difficult; it is both difficult and meaningful to investigate the correlation between operating parameters and PCDD/F emissions. In the present study, continuous online PCDD/F measurement was carried out at the stack of a full-scale MSW incinerator, lasting 168 h The PCDD/F analyses profiles for PCDD/F in sediment cores from lake Constance. of the sediment core from Greifensee showed that the rapid Organohalogen Compounds 28, 101-104. decline from the early 1960s on led to PCDD/F and PCB Kjeller, L.O., Rappe, C., 1995

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Table 2. Total TEQ at the Inlet and Outlet of the Cement Kiln in the Test Burns - Deca-brominated diphenyl ether destruction and PBDD/F and PCDD/F emissions from coprocessing deca-BDE mixture-contaminated soils in cement kilns PCDD/F gehören zur Klasse tricyclischer, chlorierter, aromatischer Ether, d.h. sauerstofferknüpfter Phenylringe. Insgesamt existierten 75 PCDD- und 135 PCDF-Einzelverbindungen, wobei die große Anzahl der PCDF aus dem Fehlen einer zweiten Symmetrieebene im Molekül resultiert Název projektu: Technologie pro zachycování škodlivých látek typu PCDD/F z kouřových plynů Ev.č. projektu: FR-TI4/311. V oblasti vědy a výzkumu naše společnost dlouhodobě spolupracuje s výzkumnými ústavy a vědeckými společnostmi, stejně tak i se specializovanými vědeckými středisky Českých univerzit PCDD/F-laden activated carbon traps may pose significant problems in the future, as the number of incineration plants increase. Oxidation of organic compounds in subcritical and supercritical water has been investigated by several researchers 1-3. The process involves the solubilization of hitherto non-water soluble organic substances by high

For the long-term operation of municipal solid waste incineration (MSWI), online monitoring and feedback control of polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxin and dibenzofuran (PCDD/F) can be used to control the emissions to national or regional standards. In this study, 500 PCDD/F samples were determined by thermal desorption gas chromatography coupled to tunable-laser ionization time-of-flight mass. PCDD/F-levels in soils decreased with increasing distance from the former sources providing a large historic emission problem, apart from the still existing kieselrot waste site. Ash residues from former flue gas duct showed up to 2,4 mg TE BGA/kg dm. (orig.) [de] Zur Untersuchung der PCDD/F-Belastungssituation in Marsberg, Nordrhein-Westfalen. Lkw-Diesel-40t-Zug-DE-2020-Basis {F7953A12-8AE5-43AE-B496-207A732672F0} ÖKO 2009 (Technologiedaten renewbility) {0879553F-BACB-4C8E-8E95-8FCF2BD7315E} Öko-Institut (Institut für angewandte Ökologie e.V.) 2009: Technologiedatenbasis für RENEWBILITY; Arbeitspapier zum BMU-geförderten Verbundvorhaben Stoffstromanalyse nachhaltige Mobilitat im Kontext der erneuerbaren Energien bis 2030; W. PCDD/F risk (U.S. EPA, 1989). Results and Discussion Measured PCDD/F values for various fuel compositions are shown in Fig. 1 (shaded bars) on a logarithmic scale. The emissions from the five Baseline runs (constant composition, 0.2 % PVC) varied over 1 order of magnitude and averaged 79 ng TEQ/kg burned (std dev = 60)

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PCDD/F Screening at the Maximum Residue Level for Food Safety Analysis using Highly Selective Triple Quadrupole GC/MS/MS Dirk Krumwiede, Hans-Joachim Huebschmann, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Bremen, Germany Abstract This paper presents a trace level screening method for PCDD/Fs and PCBs at the relevant maximum residue level for foodstuff Emissions of polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins and dibenzofurans (PCDD/F) from waste incineration into the air have been a major focus of interest during the last two decades.An integrated approach to clean waste disposal has to take the occurrence of PCDD/F in all residues into account

PCDD/F formation in MSWI predominantly takes place by de novo synthesis in the ash deposits in the boiler. Permanently high SO 2 concentrations cause sulfation of the boiler ash and the fly ash, which leads to low chloride concentrations in the ash deposits. This results in very low PCDD/F formation rates. High SO 2 levels can be established in an efficient way by a process-integrated SO 2. The results revealed average levels of 62 pg PCDD/F-WHO-TEQ/g fat in 2006 and of 78 pg PCDD/F-WHO-TEQ/g fat in 2011, which exceeded the maximum limit allowed by the European legislation for these substances in poultry meat, set at 2 pg PCDD/ F-WHO-TEQ/g fat until 2011 The mean PCDD/F concentrations in banyan leaves nearby are 3.86, 0.873ng I-TEQ/kg, respectively in spring, autumn. The mean PCDD/F concentrations in soil nearby are 1.733, 2.061ng I-TEQ/kg, respectively in spring, autumn, much lower than the emission limit in soil regulated by Taiwan EPA, 1000ng I-TEQ/kg

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Chemical kinetic modeling of de novo synthesis of PCDD/F in municipal waste incinerators. Alfons Buekens. H Huang. Alfons Buekens. H Huang. Related Papers. Chemical kinetic modelling of PCDD formation from chlorophenol catalysed by incinerator fly ash. By Alfons Buekens Large amounts of polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxin and furans (PCDD/F), polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB) and polychlorinated benzenes (PCBz) were formed by de novo synthesis using model ashes. The de novo synthesis was affected by SO2 and H2O. Knowledge of congener pattern and homologue profiles of PCDD/F, PCB and PCBz is help for elaborating the mechanism of formation and influence of the toxic. The European Union has recently set a maximum permitted total concentration of 15 µg TEQ/kg for PCDD/F species in waste. Fly ash from municipal solid waste (MSW) incineration containing PCDD/Fs at concentrations above this limit will have to be remediated to avoid disposing of them in landfills; an expensive and environmentally unfriendly option Les émissions de dioxines et furannes (PCDD-F) sont exprimées en ITEQ (équivalent toxique international). Les phénomènes complexes conduisant à la formation de dioxines et furannes se produisent dans des conditions particulières de combustion pouvant être rencontrées dans tous les secteurs, mais plus particulièrement au cours de l. Differentiating current and past PCB and PCDD/F sources: The role of a large contaminated soil site in an industrialized city area Antonio Di Guardo, Elisa Terzaghi, Giuseppe Raspa, Sara Borin, Francesca Mapelli, Bessem Chouaia, Elisabetta Zanardini, Cristiana Morosini, Andrea Colombo, Elena Fattore , Enrico Davoli , Stefano Armiraglio, Vanna M. For PCDD/F it was stated that around 95% of contamination occurred via food of animal origin, when people have been exposed to neither occupational nor acute events such as transformator fires 33. Maximum PCDD/F and PCB level in foodstuffs varies from foodstuff (Meat, butter, fats, fish etc.) and from country to country