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The following two biographical databases are available for you to search for information on nearly 10,000 German soldiers, including over 2300 ranking officers and over 7000 holders of the highest German award for combat bravery, the Knights Cross of the Iron Cross. Knights Cross Holder Biographies German Officer Biographies 5. Ben H. Shepherd, Hitler's Soldiers: The German Army in the Third Reich (Yale University Press, 2016), pp. 524, 87, 396, 525. 6. Ben H. Shepherd, Hitler's Soldiers (2016), pp. 87, xi. 7. Ben H. Shepherd, Hitler's Soldiers (2016), pp. 87, 437. 8. Ben H. Shepherd, Hitler's Soldiers (2016), pp. 533, xiii. 9 German scholar Hellmuth Auerbach puts the death toll in the Hitler era at 6 million Jews killed in the Holocaust and 7 million other victims of the Nazis. Dieter Pohl puts the total number of victims of the Nazi era at between 12 and 14 million persons, including 5.6-5.7 million Jews The German genealogy association Verein für Computergenealogie has the only complete, indexed and freely accessible collection of them. You can search the indexed records using this search mask. A list of Prussian soldiers missed in action was also indexed. These lists are sorted by unit and contain information on those to be contacted (mostly.

Some 3 million German soldiers died in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe in World War II, and the fate of hundreds of thousands of them remains unknown to their relatives and descendants With nearly 90 percent of Germany's 1.9 million fallen soldiers buried outside of the country, the commission's early work was mostly limited to organizing commemorations and decorations at. The grave of German soldiers who fought against the Communists in 1919. The photograph above shows the final resting place of four men of the Freikorps Görlitz, a militia group which fought the Red Army of the Communists. The names on the grave stone, shown above, are 2nd Lieutenant Bertram, Muskateer Labuke, Private Hauk, and Gunner Hilbig The Settlement of Former German Auxiliary Troops in Canada after the American Revolution. Sparta, Wisconsin, 1984. FHL 971 W2dv; Jean-Pierre Wihelmy. German Mercenaries in Canada. Beloeil,Quebec: Maison des Mots, 1985. FHL 971 M2w; American Civil War [edit | edit source] About one in ten Union soldiers was born in Germany

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Our search tool will allow you to interrogate our database to find various casualty records. There are a range of different fields that will allow you to create the right search terms for you. For a more detailed search, you can add further fields by using the Additional Fields. You do not have to use every field in our search tool The names of the sailors, marines, and coast guard personnel are listed alphabetically in each category. The lists include the following information: • The name and rank of the deceased • The name, address, and relationship of next-of-kin. The lists do not include the cause of death. Online Acces I stumbled on some photographic evidence of US troops busy killing German Waffen SS. The description of the photo below reads: Photo showing execution of Waffen-SS troops in a coal yard in the area of the Dachau concentration camp during its liberation. April 29, 1945 (US Army photograph) You can see the piles of dead Germans lying there Honoring those who fought and died in Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation New Daw

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He Was the Last German Soldier to Surrender, Four Months After the End of WW2. The surrender of Akershus Fortress in Oslo, Norway. The German garnison's commander Major Josef Nichterlein and his aide Captain Hamel handing the fortress over to the Norwegian resistance movement's Terje Rollem in May 1945. Many people know the story of Lieutenant. Please SUPPORT my work on Patreon: https://bit.ly/2LT6opZ Visit my 2ND CHANNEL: https://bit.ly/2ILbyX8 Facebook: https://bit.ly/2INA7yt Twitter: https://b..

Growing up in Germany in the 1930's, Gert Schmitz was drafted into the Hitler Youth, witnessed the start of World War II, and joined the Luftwaffe by the tim.. In the village of Eberstetten, 17 German soldiers of the 'Gotz von Berlichingen' Division were shot after they surrendered to US troops. On April 8, 1945, fourteen members of the 116th Panzer Division were marched through the streets of Budberg to the command post of the US 95th Infantry Division Fritz was a soldier in the Totenkopf division of the Waffen-SS during the war. They acted as the spearhead of the German invasion into the USSR and saw more than their fair share of combat. It was in the morning of September 24, 1941 that Christen was manning an anti-tank battery. During a skirmish, Soviet soldiers had managed to kill the rest.

WW2 Brief history. World War II, or the Second World War (often abbreviated as WWII or WW2), was a global conflict that was underway by 1939 and ended in 1945. It involved most of the world's nations—including all of the great powers—eventually forming two opposing military alliances: the Allies and the Axis Soldiers of the SS Wiking Division are decorated on the Russian Front. (Image Source: German Federal Archive via WikiCommons) The Vikings Recruited in 1940 from Scandinavia, the Baltic States and even the Low Countries, what would become the elite 5 th SS Panzer Division Wiking were touted by Third Reich propagandists as Nordic supermen. Fervently anti-communist, Viking volunteers took. R. BERLIN: A guilt-ridden account of an ordinary German soldier's experiences in World War two is countering a recent trend among historians to portray Germans as victims of the war. Willy Peter Reese, an infantryman who fought on the Russian front and died in 1944 aged 23, kept a diary of how German soldiers killed scores of prisoners of. By all accounts German General Erwin Rommel was a professional soldier of the highest caliber, who unfortunately happened to work for the wrong side. Admired by both his own men and the enemy, Rommel refused to follow orders he deemed wrong, such as the execution of enemy commandos caught behind the German lines

By the end of the war the Germans had 12.5 million men under arms. Over 4 million died during the war. Survival depended upon where you were stationed. If you were in the East there was a much higher chance of being killed and wounded than if you. After Königsberg had fallen, the Soviet Army turned its attention to Pillau, which was fanatically defended by the Germans following orders which went out to hold the port at all costs in order to permit every available German ship to take off refugees and soldiers. Some 20,000 German troops fought furiously for six days, inflicting enormous.

But the re-opening of the Neue Wache as a Memorial Site for the Fallen of the World War in 1931 revealed sharp divisions within German society. Those on the left wanted the memorial to express. Here is a website that list all the memorial sites for the dead of WWI and II in Germany and Austria. A lot of them with pictures. Just klick on 'Denkmäler' on the left. Just like others said, they are mostly stones with names on them. Often the ones from WWII where later added to the already existing memorials German TV airs interviews with SS death squad soldiers who in 2014 had supplied German investigators with a list of 80 names of Einsatzgruppen members born in 1920 or later, said he became.

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During WWII, German soldiers wore a woolen tunic (either models M36, M40, or M43) that contained four external pockets, two on the upper chest area of the tunic and two on lower portion of the tunic uniform (Note: late in 1944 Germany developed a shorten tunic, commonly referred to as the M44 Tunic, which contained only two external pockets) It will also be useful in researching civilian casualties. More than one million British military personnel died during the First and Second World Wars, with the First World War alone accounting for 886,000 fatalities. Nearly 70,000 British civilians also lost their lives, the great majority during the Second World War Porridge. Proper porridge is made from oats and eaten by Scotsmen, but the basic idea has been used throughout history - crushed or shopped grains, cooked in milk or water. Soldiers on all sides ate it during the Normandy campaign, because it was an easy way to supplement their rations. Sometimes, especially later in the campaign, soldiers. German historians say in a new book that at least 400,000 children were fathered by troops of the four allied powers that occupied Germany after World War Two. They resulted from widespread rapes. The last Nazi to surrender in WW2: Incredible untold story of the final German soldier to hand over his pistol after spending the war battling polar bears in an Arctic weather station

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Natalya Gesse, a close friend of the scientist Andrei Sakharov, had observed the Red Army in action in 1945 as a Soviet war correspondent. The Russian soldiers were raping every German female. German troops killed or wounded 150,000 Soviets in the first week of the campaign, while the Luftwaffe—the Nazi air force—destroyed over 2,000 Soviet planes in just the first two days Altogether 487 American soldiers in Germany were tried for rapes allegedly committed in March and April 1945. One reason there were fewer reports of rape by American soldiers is that desperately hungry German women would have consensual sex in exchange for food or cigarettes German soldiers weren't necessarily Nazis. The Holocaust is just one side of the Second World War. The other side was the fight for territory and power. Sounds unthinkable today (especially when you are German), but in that respect, the Second World War was just the last war in a very long of wars for supremacy in Europe, that went back and.

In the course of heavy fighting, the German troops were pushed back to the city circuit railroad and even beyond it0 By 30 April only the government sector, the immediate vicinity of the Tlergarten and a strip extending westward from the Zoo sector to the Havel River were still held by the defenders. The defenders fell back for support on. Discover The German War Graves of Berchtesgaden in Berchtesgaden, Germany: This small Bavarian graveyard is filled with empty graves for German soldiers lost during the World Wars

Soldiers and Officers Died in the Great War 1914-1919. A list of over 660,000 British soldiers (Other Ranks) who died during the Great War was compiled by the War Office and published by His Majesty's Stationery Office (HMSO) in 1921. The list is contained within 80 volumes German soldiers, wearing heavy winter gear, walk past a burning US half-track during the Battle of the Bulge in World War II, December 1944. This photo is from a batch of film captured from the.

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  1. The early German military victories and Austria's geographic location beyond the reach of Allied bombers shielded the Austrian population from the full impact of the war. Only after the German defeat at the Battle of Stalingrad in early 1943, when the course of the war increasingly turned against Germany, did popular support for the war and for.
  2. In a row of their own, and with unmistakable Germanic emblems chiselled into the masonry, are the war graves of four soldiers of the Third Reich. The Commonwealth War Graves Commission websites names these men and provides their dates of death: Otto Mueller, German Army, died December 20, 1946. Walter Maeurer, German Army, died March 25, 1945
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September 1, 1939. Germany invades Poland, initiating World War II in Europe. September 3, 1939. Honoring their guarantee of Poland's borders, Great Britain and France declare war on Germany. September 17, 1939. The Soviet Union invades Poland from the east. September 27-29, 1939. Warsaw surrenders on September 27 German Soldiers in Russia: Part 1 Hubert Menzel was a major in the General Operations Department of the OKH (the Oberkommando des Heers, the German Army headquarters), and for him the idea of invading the Soviet Union in 1941 had the smack of cold, clear logic to it: 'We knew that in two years' time, that is by the end of 1942, beginning of 1943, the English would be ready, the Americans would. Any American Soldier who has ever worn the Army uniform throughout our nation's history is eligible to have a registry page. (Soldier must have received an honorable discharge or a general discharge under honorable conditions). Search or add the name of yourself, your family and friends that have earned their place in the National Museum of. Soviet soldiers roughly around 8.7 million Soviet soldiers died in World War 2. Estimated USSR losses now stand at 26.6 million. Poland's dead at between 5.6 and 5.8 million. German military dead and missing at 5.3 million. Casualties listed here include about 4 to 12 million war-related famine deaths in China, Indonesia, Vietnam, the.

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  1. Danish troops at Bredevad on the morning of the German attack. Two of these soldiers were killed in action later that day. Lundtoftbjerg []. The first clash between the Danish Army and the invading forces occurred at Lundtoftbjerg, where a Danish platoon armed with two 20 mm guns and a light machine gun had taken up positions covering the road.The Danes briefly resisted before retreating
  2. And on the other hand, every promotion of Christian faith among the soldiers contributes considerably to the German army's power to fight back and redounds to the strength of the German Volk.(60) The German soul, wrote another chaplain for Advent 1943, cannot be satisfied by the miserable, empty surrogates that it is being fed these days
  3. A gay soldier's story. PETER TATCHELL tells the moving story of a gay soldier during WW2, PRIVATE DUDLEY CAVE. Over five million men served in the British armed forces during World War 2
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  5. Fallen American soldiers of WWII receive a face in the Netherlands May 27, 2014 May 27, 2014 Almost 70 years after the end of World War II, a new Dutch project will remember the thousands of soldiers who have been buried in the American War Cemetery and Memorial Netherlands in Margraten, Netherlands
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Denmark surrendered on the day it was invaded. British and French troops fought briefly in Norway, but engaged too late. By 10 June the country had fallen fully under German control. However, at Narvik in northern Norway, warships of the Royal Navy took a heavy toll on the ships of the German Kriegsmarine (navy) World War II began on September 1st, 1939 with the Nazi German invasion of Poland, and ended on September 2nd, 1945 when Imperial Japan formally signed its terms of surrender to become the last of the Axis powers to fall. It pitted the Allied Powers led by Britain, the United States, Russia and France, against the Axis powers of Hitler-led Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, and Imperial Japan

As usual, Stalin refused to sanction a withdrawal before the pocket was sealed. By the end of September Kiev had fallen and over 650,000 Russian troops killed or captured. The Germans pushed along the Black Sea coast and into the Crimea, laying siege to Sevastapol. In October Kharkov fell, but by now the Germans were exhausted In my opinion, it's not annoying for Nazis to be depicted as bad guys in WWII movies - a WWII movie from a Nazi point of view would be a lot more disturbing. What I do find annoying is that villains or cruel people in non-WWII movies are often dep.. The Kriegsgräberstätte has 21,160 graves. The hill in the middle of the cemetery is a mass grave with 296 casualties. La Cambe was originally the site of a battlefield cemetery created on 10 June 1944 during the Battle of Normandy. American and German soldiers, sailors, and airmen were buried in two adjacent fields Germany Did Occupy Britain During WW2! The Channel Islands At least! German Soldiers (Wehrmacht) All Color Pictures. The British Prepare For War In 1940. Dieppe Raid, August 19, 1942: A Waste Of Lives Or was It Worth It? German Soldiers: Rare Pictures From 1941. French Posters During WW2 . German Conquest Of France: A Picture Album. Rare.

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  1. in ww2 can neutrality realy be said on this list i intend to show the most neutral of countries to a major trade agreements with one side Switzeland Hitler had planned a major invasion of Switzeland after the fall of France but decided to Begin Operation Sealion the Battle of Britain Swis soldiers had Fired on several Axis planes which had Crossed their airspace Several high up swis generals.
  2. During World War II, Nazi Germany sent its soldiers across much of Europe, the Soviet Union, North Africa, and the world's oceans. After the Third Reich's fortunes shifted decisively in the lost battle for Moscow in December 1941, the Allies began to inflict grievous defeats on the German army, which resulted in millions of casualties and.
  3. Brendan McGuigan Members of the regular German armed forces were not allowed to have political party affiliations during WWII. There were certainly non-Nazi German soldiers in World War II (WWII), although many members of the German armed forces were ideologically supportive of or even affiliated with Nazism and Hitler. From one perspective, however, because members of the German armed forces.
  4. Best WWII German Field Marshals. Choose your favorite World War Two German Field Marshal. The Top Ten. 1 Erich von Manstein Fritz Erich Georg Eduard von Manstein (24 November 1887 - 9 June 1973) was a German commander of the Wehrmacht, Nazi Germany's armed forces during the Second World War. He attained the rank of field marshal
  5. All the world's great powers were involved, with Britain, France and Russia making up the Allies on one side; and the Central Powers of Germany and Austria-Hungary on the opposing side. According to war veterans records ww1, the Allies lost about 6 million soldiers, and the Central Powers about 4 million
  6. We are all familiar with the pictures and film footage of piles of dead Jews discovered at the liberated death camps Dachau and Buchenwald at the end of World War II, but what we were never told is that most of those corpses were actually dead German soldiers that were dumped there as part of an elaborate psy-op by British Intelligence, and many of those ghastly images were filmed.
  7. 56th Armored Inf Bn, WW2 65th Infantry Regiment, Puerto Rican Casualties 66th Armored, Casualties 714th Anti Tank 7th Infantry, WW2 7th Staffel (German, WW2) 91st Pennsylvania, Casualties, Civil War 92nd CRC, Casualties 94th Infantry Div, KIA, WW2 9th Infantry Div, Vietnam, U.S., Casualties Active Military Deaths, 1980 to 200

  1. The military decorations of Nazi Germany were awards and medals bestowed by the Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS between 1935 and 1945, during the rule of the Nazi Party in Germany and the years of World War II. 1 Military Decorations 1.1 Unique Medals & Special Degrees 1.2 Military valor decorations 1.3 Meritorious military decorations 1.4 Military service decorations 1.5 Military service medals 2.
  2. The vast majority of Indian soldiers captured when Singapore fell to Japan in February 1942 belonged to the Sikh community. In the photo, all of them sit in the traditional cross-legged prayer.
  3. Schaffer eventually returned to Germany and wrote about his experience in a book titled U-977 - 66 Days Under Water. The 112th Day German POWs in Norway, August 1945. The last German troops of WWII to put down their arms surrendered to a group of Norwegian seal hunters on the remote Bear Island in the Barents Sea on September 4th, 1945
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Contributor: C. Peter Chen ww2dbase Although Italy emerged victorious from World War 1 and gain territories from the former Austrian-Hungarian Empire, the country paid a heavy price. Over 600,000 were killed, and the economy and political environments remained unstable. In 1922, Benito Mussolini seized power with the support of King Vittorio Emannuelle III, who feared a revolution CONSCRIPTION IN WW2. Conscription was introduced in 1939, at the start of WW2, to redress a shortage of soldiers in Great Britain. Single men aged between 20 and 22 years were called up to service, though the age range was extended to all man, single or married, between 18 and 41 years within a few months. In late 1941, women between 20 and 30. Leading up to the Battle of Stalingrad, the German Wehrmacht had already suffered multiple setbacks in Russia. Germany had launched Operation Barbarossa, its ill-fated invasion of the Soviet Union, in June 1941. Dispatching some 3 or 4 million soldiers to the Eastern Front, Adolf Hitler hoped for a rapid victory During Operation Barbarossa, almost 4 million troops were thrown at the Soviet Union, and in one fell swoop the Axis managed to destroy approximately 66 airfields and about 80% of the military aircraft in the Soviet Union at the time. German troops at the Soviet state border marker, June 22, 1941. (Public Domain Tracing German WW2 soldier's name with number 7001519. Hot Network Questions How to signal individual item in comma separated list received as an argument? Why bother maintaining a road bike for summer and a mountain bike for winter rather than two complete sets of wheels (as with cars) on a cyclocross?.

In June 1941, Hitler sent 3 million soldiers and 3,500 tanks into Russia. The Russians were taken by surprise as they had signed a treaty with Germany in 1939. Many Russian cities fell to Germany but Hitler had not expected the conquest of Russia to last into winter. The German soldiers did not have winter clothing and many froze to death TOKYO — A photo album and two flags recovered from Pacific battlefields were returned this week to the families of the fallen Japanese soldiers who carried them into combat during World War II Following the invasion of Poland in the fall of 1939, World War II lapsed into a lull known as the Phony War. During this seven-month interlude, the majority of the fighting took place in secondary theaters as both sides sought to avoid a general confrontation on the Western Front and the possibility of World War I-style trench warfare.At sea, the British began a naval blockade of Germany.

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Rape by German troops was the smallest recorded in occupied territories and lower than that of US troops on US bases. As the Red Army started its offensive toward Berlin during the spring of 1945, thousands of Germans from the east tried to cross the Oder River and flee westward, but there were too many, and many were trapped as they waited to. Over 30,000 Soviet soldiers died compared to the 10,000 soldiers lost by the Germans. In the end, the high Soviet casualty rate was largely a result of Stalin's hurry to reach Berlin. To German troops continued to hold northern Italy until surrendering on May 2, 1945. 1944. On June 6, 1944 , as part of a massive military operation, over 150,000 Allied soldiers landed in France, which was liberated by the end of August. On September 11, 1944, the first US troops crossed into Germany, one month after Soviet troops had crossed the.

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The first official service medal for soldiers of Imperial Germany who had taken part in the war was the Honour Cross of the World War 1914/1918, established by Field Marshal Paul von Hindenburg. The government of Nazi Germany declared the award as the only official service decoration of the First World War The German Soldier in World War II is a graphic portrait of the life of the private soldier in the army of the Third Reich, containing first-hand accounts from German Army veterans who served in the war. This book is for anyone interested in the history of World War II and the Third Reich Immaculate 1/35 resin kit of fallen German WW2 soldiers. Ideal for diorama bases and vignettes. A LOT of additional items, 1/35 weapons, rifles, panzerfausts etc. eBay Marketplaces GmbH (of Helvetiastraße15-17, 3005, Bern, Switzerland) is authorised by the FCA to conduct credit broking for a restricted range of finance providers. We may. 8. Battle 360 (2008- ) Error: please try again. This series chronicle's the illustrious battle history of the U.S.S. Enterprise which played a critical role in World War Two and for a time was the only carrier defending the Pacific Theater from domination by Japan In 1997, around 1.1 million German soldiers were still officially listed as missing. According to the recently opened Soviet archives, which have been proved to be extremely precise and detailed, the Red Army captured 2,389,560 German soldiers. Of these, 423,168 died in captivity