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  1. Monkey Roll: This colorful uramaki sushi comprises of cream cheese, mango, and smoked salmon inside, topped with red tempura bits, sautéed cashews, and avocado. Drizzle the roll with sweet eel and mango sauces. Ra Ckin' Roll: This specialty uramaki contains cream cheese and crab rolled and slightly tempura battered. It is then topped with Ra Ckin' shrimp and guacamole
  2. Uramaki. Hot Spice Tuna. opečený tuňák, okurka, chilly pasta. Grill Salmon Roll. opečený losos, avokádo, tobiko kaviár. Cena bez DPH 185 K.
  3. Repeat with the rest of the rice, the second nori sheet and remaining salmon then cut each roll into 6 pieces 15 To serve, add a small spoonful of tobiko to each uramaki then top with a pinch of the crispy leeks and red chilli. Sprinkle over some chives and serve with wasabi paste and pickled ginge

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ALASKAN ROLL - $148.00 Kani crab, salmon skin, cucumber, avocado and cream cheese rolled, then topped with slices of salmon, tempura crisp and chive, dressed with dynamite and wasabi sauc Home / Menù / Sushi / Uramaki Rolls / Salmon roll. Salmon roll. CHF 16.00. Salmon roll quantità. Ideal for any project that requires asian, nori, sushi. Traditional salmon and avocado pear uramaki sushi rolls rolled in sesame seeds and served on a wooden tray in close up for menu advertisin Shrimp/Smoked Salmon How To Make Uramaki Sushi Roll RecipeSubscribe For more Recipes :) Ingredients : SHRIMP SUSHI ROLL:Sushi Nori 1/4Sushi Rice - 50g.Philad.. 250 g salmon fillets; 1 sweet potato; sushi mat; plastic wrap; knife; frying pan; cutting board; Wrap the bamboo sushi mat with plastic wrap and set it aside. Quarter and deseed the cucumber, then cut into matchsticks. Halve and pit the avocado, then slice the flesh into strips. Cut the salmon into long strips

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Uramaki Smoked Salmon Kappa roll (U4) Uzený losos, okurek, avokádo, majonéza, kopr, rýže, řasa Smoked salmon, cucumber, avocado, mayonnaise, dill, rice, nori sheet Doporučte přátelům a sdílejte: 20 Kč cena s DP Uramaki sushi är Rolls eller Inside Out. En rulle skäras upp i 8 bitar Así que también hacemos nuestras versiones, si os animáis a probarlas, hoy os dejamos la receta de Uramaki o California roll de salmón y aguacate con salmón flameado. La cantidad de ingredientes..

Chicken roll € 12,00 Aggiungi al carrello; Crazy salmon roll € 15,00 Aggiungi al carrello; Dragon roll € 16,00 Aggiungi al carrello; Hot roll € 18,00 Aggiungi al carrello; House roll € 16,00 Aggiungi al carrello; Italia fu roll € 12,00 Aggiungi al carrello; Kabayaki roll € 16,00 Aggiungi al carrello; Lobster roll € 18,00 Aggiungi al carrello; Mango salmon roll Uramaki Philadelphia Salmon 8 buc Uramaki Salmon Roll 8 buc Uramaki Rainbow Roll 8 buc Uramaki Spicy Tuna 8 buc Uramaki Tempura Shrimp 8 buc Uramaki Philadelphia Veggie 8 buc Uramaki California Classic 8 buc. 230 00 . Salmon Platter 50 buc Nigiri Somon 10 buc Hosomaki Somon 8 buc Hosomaki Somon Avocado 8 buc Uramaki Philadelphia Salmon 8 buc.

Crazy salmon roll € 15,00 Add to cart; Dragon roll € 16,00 Add to cart; Hot roll € 18,00 Add to cart; House roll € 16,00 Add to cart; Italia fu roll € 12,00 Add to cart; Kabayaki roll € 16,00 Add to cart; Lobster roll € 18,00 Add to cart; Mango salmon roll € 13,00 Add to cart; Mexican roll € 13,00 Add to cart; New ebiten roll. MAKI ROLLS. FRESH ATLANTIC SALMON ROLL - $99.00. Fresh Atlantic salmon with cucumber rolled, drizzled with spicy soy mayo and sprinkled with chopped chives. SPICY SAKE MAGURO MAKI - $109.00. Fresh salmon, avocado and salmon skin rolled and topped with chives and ahi tuna drizzled with spicy mayo and tongarashi. TEMPURA FRIED MAKI - $89.00 Uramaki (裏巻, inside-out roll) is a medium-sized cylindrical piece with two or more fillings, and was developed as a result of the creation of the California roll, as a method originally meant to hide the nori. Uramaki differs from other makimono because the rice is on the outside and the nori inside Entrantes. Seis recetas de sushi uramaki o California roll, el rollo de sushi invertido. Para quienes queráis disfrutar de la cocina japonesa en casa, aquí tenéis seis recetas de sushi uramaki o California roll, el rollo de sushi invertido, el preferido de quienes no soportan el alga nori en contacto con el paladar, y de cualquier apasionado por el sushi

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  1. imo di 30€ per la consegna a domicilio! Uramaki. Sushi. Vegan. Salmon Roll. Sfoglia. Tuna Roll
  2. URAMAKI SPICY SALMON Rotolo di riso con dentro tartar salmone spicy, crunch, con sopra tartar salmone spic
  3. URAMAKI URAMAKI (medium roll wrapped with rice outside) California Uramaki 18€ Crab Meat / Avocado / Cucumber / Wasabi Mayo / Orange Masago Salmon Uramaki 18€ Salmon / Avocado / Yuzu Kosho Cream / Orange Tobiko Shrimp Tempura 22€ Shrimp Tempura / Avocado / Mango / Sweet Chili Mayo Spicy.
  4. 6 Salmon Nigiri, 6 Tuna Nigiri, 8 Dragon Roll, 8 Salmon & Avocado Uramaki, 8 California Uramaki, 8 Spicy Tuna Uramaki, 8 Salmon Maki, 8 Avocado Maki 5 Salmon Sashimi and 5 Tuna Sashimi £59.99. PARTY BOX
  5. Teriyaki salmon roll We are open everyday, even in our dehors. Delivery in Milan and Monza Brianza provinces. Including cities

nside-out sushi roll, filled with steamed asparagus, cream cheese, cucumber and avocado coated with tempura flakes. from £4.75 VEGAN URAMAKI Inside-out sushi roll, filled with red pickles, kampyo, cucumber and avocado coated with sesame seeds mix. from £4.8 4 uramaki de atún con trufa, 4 uramaki de pollo, 4 crispy roll de surimi, 4 spicy surimi, 2 nigiri de salmón, 2 nigiri de atún, 4 maki de salmón, 4 maki de atún MENÚ 8 64 Uramaki. Fried Salmon Roll (8 ks) 189 Kč. Rolka plněná smaženým lososem a avokádem s tobikem. Fried Salmon Roll (8 ks) množství. Salmon Uramaki (makes 4 rolls) INGREDIENTS. 16 sashimi grade salmon strips (4 salmon strips per roll) 4 full sheets of nori seaweed 1 cucumber, unpeeled, cut into lengthwise slices & seeds removed (1 stick per roll) 12 snow crab leg meat sticks (3 crab sticks per roll) 1 ripe mango, peeled & cut into 8 lengthwise slices (2 strips per roll

What is spicy salmon roll? Spicy salmon rolls are a type of rolled sushi made by rolling spicy salmon in nori seaweed sheet and seasoned rice. You can use nori to cover the rice and salmon, or make inside out roll (uramaki), which means that the rice is on the outside covering nori Uramaki Skin roll (U3) Losos, avokádo, baleno lososem, rýže, řasa salmon, avocado, coated by salmon, rice, nori sheet Doporučte přátelům a sdílejte: 25 Kč cena s DPH. Online objednávky Po až Ne od 8:00 do 19:00. Nyní pouze v Bistru. Složení. Avokádo. Losos. Rýže. There are many creations that used this roll [California], often in uramaki styles as the base, and then add on cooked seafood (unagi, salmon, tuna, etc.) to develop variations. To name a few, this Lion King roll is where thinly slice Salmon sashimi wrap around, soaked in spicy mayo, and then bake

Odběr novinek. Zadejte svůj email a dostávejte pravidelné zprávy o novinkách. Jméno: e-mail: odebírat novinky © 2020 Sushi Delivery, Všechna práva. Salmón Uramaki Volver a Roll (8 piezas) A partir de 100€ Gastos de envio GRATIS. 24 / 48 horas Entrega a domicilio. 8 piezas de salmón uramaki: arroz, alga nori, salmón y aguacate. Incluye salsa de soja. Pescado; Quitar uno del carro x0 Añadir uno al carro. Añadir

Prezzo di listino. €8. Uramaki Spicy salmon. Prezzo di listino. €10. Uramaki Street roll. Prezzo di listino. €9. Uramaki Sakè Special Salmon fresh roll. 250 Kč. rýžový papír, ledový salát, mango, avokádo, jap. majonéza, losos Uramaki roll s tepelně upraveným tuňákem a lososem... to celé zalité naší Unagi sauce a smažená cibulka okolo. Alergeny: 4, 6. Koriandr green roll

Tips for making the best Maki Uramaki Sushi Recipes. The names: Maki is sushi rolled with the seaweeds outside, Uramaki in Japanese means inside out, meaning the seaweed is inside the roll.Nigiri are made only with rice and fish and Sashimi is only the fish.; Make sure the salmon (or any other seafood you want to use) has been stored at -20 C for at least 7 days Inicio 41-SALMON URAMAKI ROLL (8u) 41-SALMON URAMAKI ROLL (8u) sushioishi. En venta. de €8,25. Cantidad. Añadir al pedido. Este artículo está actualmente en espera, pero aún puede comprarlo ahora y lo enviaremos tan pronto como haya más disponible. Roll de salmón y aguacate envuelto en salmón. U25.Salmon air roll. 12,00€. 8 pezzi Special roll con ripieno di salmone e avocado, rivestito con salmone alla fiamma, tobiko e granella di tempura. Compara. Fai una domanda

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  1. This technique works for both Hosomaki and Uramaki. First, cut the Spicy Tuna Roll in half. Then line up the two halves. Wet the knife after each cut and slice the halves into thirds. Flip the cut Spicy Tuna Rolls so upwards. Be sure to have the end pieces facing upwards, or they will not stand up properly
  2. Uramaki is a type of rolled sushi. Uramaki is a type of rolled sushi in which the rice is on the outside, rather than rolled up inside the nori. Many people call uramaki inside-out rolls, and this preparation is especially common in the United States, appearing notably in the California roll. Uramaki can be made at home, just like other.
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  4. prova i nostri uramaki classici, un vero piatto immancabile nel tuo ordine! 79 Spicy salmon roll. Salmone, avocado, tartare di salmone con salsa piccante all'esterno. Allergeni
  5. Cómo hacer el uramaki philadelphia roll paso a paso. Dentro de los uramaki, se podría decir que es de los más sencillos de hacer dentro de la propia complejidad que tiene el enrollar este tipo de sushi. Para su elaboración, no creo que tardes más de una hora y con la práctica, estoy seguro que conseguirás hacerlo incluso en menos tiempo
  6. Raw salmon, masago, cream cheese, cucumber and avocado inside an uramaki roll. Topped with smoke salmon. Skin roll. Salmon skin roasted and marinated filling inside with thinly sliced cucumber in an uramaki style. Sprinkle of sesame and scallion on top. Sky
  7. L'Uramaki Salmon è un sushi di tipo uramaki (roll al contrario con riso all'esterno e alga nori e ripieno all'interno) con ripieno di salmone e avocado, ricoperto di sesamo. Disponibile anche nella variante al tonno o vegetariano. INGREDIENTI: riso, alga, salmone, avocado, sesamo

Tiger&Salmon uramaki tempuroitua tiikeriravunpyrstöä, pintakypsennettyä merilohta, herneenversoa, majoneesi, seesaminsiemen, merilevää (L) € 13,50 Lisää ostoskorii Discover short videos related to uramaki roll on TikTok. Watch popular content from the following creators: LUNA DE RUITER (@lunaderuiterr), LUNA DE RUITER (@lunaderuiterr), LUNA DE RUITER (@lunaderuiterr), LUNA DE RUITER (@lunaderuiterr), Asian food obsessed(@asianfoodobsession) . Explore the latest videos from hashtags: #uramakiroll

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URAMAKI SPICY SALMON Rotolo di riso con dentro tartar salmone spicy, crunch, con sopra tartar salmone spicy LIN STYLE ROLL Rotolo di riso con ripieno polpa di granchio, avocado, cetrioli, maionese e tobiko ricoperto di carpaccio capesante, punta di gambero rosso di Mazara del Vallo, wasabi fresco e salsa al limone. El sushi Uramaki o California Roll es un estilo de maki sushi que surgió en Estados Unidos, se caracteriza porque en lugar de estar recubierto por el alga nori, es el arroz el que envuelve el resto de ingredientes, es decir, es un rollo de sushi invertido. Al parecer, algunas personas no toleraban muy bien la textura del alga en el paladar, y hallaron la solución poniéndola en el interior.

Eight salmon & avocado rolls, eight california rolls, six avocado maki, six salmon maki, four salmon nigiri, four tuna nigiri, four avocado nigiri on the side with edamame, ginger and wasabi paste. Vegan Spicy Tuna Uramaki Salmon roll. Home / Prodotto Salmon roll. 1.20 €. Il Salmon Roll è un sushi di tipo uramaki (roll al contrario con riso all'esterno e alga nori e ripieno all'interno) con ripieno di salmone e avocado ricoperto di gustoso salmone, una delizia per gli occhi e per il palato. INGREDIENTI: riso, alga, salmone, avocado. COD: KJ6546. Uramaki Miura up (8 pz) Prezzo di listino. €8,00. Sushi Roll paradise. Prezzo di listino. €14,00. Uramaki Agemono (8 pz) Prezzo di listino. €10,00 € 4,00 Uramaki salmon skin Grilled skin salmon, Philadelphia, cucumber and leek (topping salmon). € 4,00 Vegetarian uramaki Shrimp, avocado and Philadelphia (sesame topping). € 4,00 Tempura uramaki shrimp Shrimp, avocado and Philadelphia (sesame topping). € 4,00 Kuiri maki Cucumber, salmon, french aho, cheese and kimussi sauce

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  1. 6 Piezas de Niguiri salmón, 3 Niguiris atún, 3 Niguiri langostinos, 8 Pieza uramaki salmón aguacate roll, 8 Piezas sombrero salmón surimi aguacate Filadelfia roll, 8 Pieza makis aguacate, 8 Pieza maki salmon y 6 Pieza sashimi salmón. from €49.9
  2. Langostino salvaje cocido, aguacate, salsa de anguila y mayonesa de wasabi. Contiene: cereales, pescado, soja y semillas de sésamo. Añadir al carrito. Uramaki
  3. 1 Grilled Temaki, 1 Temaki Salmon with Cream Cheese, 8 Hot Rolls, 8 Uramaki Salmon with Cream Cheese, 4 Joe Salmon & 6 Salmon Sashimi. Contains Fish, Milk & Sesame Seeds. from €26.00 STARTERS. Tempura Prawns (6) Contains Crustaceans. from €9.00.
  4. Yi Sushi te ofrece la más exquisita variedad de Japonesa que puedes encontrar en Murcia. Ven a visitarnos o haz tu pedido online. Verás como te sorprenderemos con nuestras especialidades
  5. 4 uramaki salmón + 4 uramaki atún + 8 sésamo roll + 4 maki salmón + 4 maki atún + 4 maki pepino + 2 sushi de ebi + 2 sushi de salmón + 2 sushi de atún + 2 sushi de pez Contiene pescado, mostaza, sésamo, lácteos y crustáceo
  6. Corta las yemas y retira la parte dura del tallo. Reserva. Para hacer cuatro rollitos, corta el salmón fresco en cuatro lonchas y el salmón ahumado en otras cuatro de 9 cm de largo por 2,5 cm de ancho aproximadamente. Corta las hojas de alga por la mitad (con cada mitad haremos un rollito). Coloca encima de cada mitad de alga una loncha de.

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Bandeja 4, 32 Piezas. 2 Piezas sushi de langostinos + 2 piezas sushi de salmón + 2 piezas sushi de atún + 2 piezas sushi de pez mantequilla + 4 piezas surimi roll + 4 piezas California roll + 4 piezas uramaki salmón + 4 piezas uramaki atún + 4 piezas maki salmón + 4 piezas maki atún. Contiene crustáceos, pescado y sésamo. desde 29,95 € 4 involtini, 2 crispy roll. 2 futomaki fritti, kantina roll, uramaki smoked roll, uramaki ebi, uramaki salmone, uramaki tuna, 4 bibite o bottiglia di vino Uramaki Salmon. salmone, avocado e philadelphia 8 pezzi ZOCO: C/ José María Martorell, 26, Córdoba - CENTRO: Calle Reyes Católicos, 17 de 13:00 - 16:30 / 20:00 - 00:00 horas ZOCO: 957 04 37 19 - CENTRO: 957 61 44 6 Download this Premium Photo about Californian sushi roll set with salmon in tobiko caviar and various sushi. sushi with salmon, tuna, shrimp., and discover more than 10 Million Professional Stock Photos on Freepi

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Uramaki relleno de langostino en tempura, champiñones salteados, queso crema y salsa teriyaki Italiano (8 piezas) 9.45€ Uramaki de mozarella de búfala, tomate seco, salmón, aguacate y pest 10 rolls uramaki relleno de salmon, philla y kiwi, con topping de mango y salsa maracuya. $ 690. Añadir. Añadir. Sentation Roll. Roll especial de salmón crunch, philadelphia, manzana verde, topping de phila y praliné. $ 690. Añadir. Añadir. Feeling Roll


Salmon & Avocado Uramaki with Creamy Wasabi Spicy Toro Uramaki with Creamy Spice King Crab Uramaki with Tobiko MOMO roll with Tuna, Salmon, Seabass and Avocado with Tarragon Miso Shrimp Tempura Uramaki Asparagus & Avacado Uramaki. Tuna Toro Nigiri. Wagyu Aburi Nigiri Hamachi Nigiri with Jalapeño Salmon Aburi Nigiri Tuna Akami Sashim Shapu Shapu te ofrece la más exquisita variedad de Sushi que puedes encontrar en Sant Boi de Llobregat. Ven a visitarnos o haz tu pedido online. Verás como te sorprenderemos con nuestras especialidades 4 California roll, 4 atún uramaki, 4 maki aguacate, 2 sushi atún, 2 sushi salmón y 2 sushi pez mantequilla 20,00 € Base de arroz sushi cubierto por salmon, aguacate y cebolla crujiente con la salsa spicy mayonesa 11,50 € Sashimi Atún (9 Cortes) 11,50 € Tartar Salmón Con Trufa. Ichi Roll, 6 pieces of avocado hosomaki, 6 pieces of asparagus hosomaki, 2 pieces of salmon nigiri, 2 pieces of tuna nigiri, 2 pieces of inari nigiri, 3 pieces of salmon sashimi, 3 pieces of sea bream sashimi, wakame salad and sushi ginger. £29.90 Tuna roll. 10 piezas. palta y variedad de ajíes. $1083.34 $650. California roll. 10 piezas. Kanikama fresco del día, palta y queso Philadelphia. $1083.34 $650

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  1. Roll. Mostrando todos los resultados 12. Orden por defecto Ordenar por popularidad Ordenar por calificación media Ordenar por los últimos Ordenar por precio: bajo a alto Ordenar por precio: alto a bajo
  2. Uramaki | Bestel online bij Sushi Day. Kies een categorie: Kies een categorie: Nigiri Gunkan Hoso maki Uramaki Temaki Sashimi Mix Sets Side dishes Drinks Party Box Extra's. Gerechten
  3. 1x nigiri salmon, 1x nigiri tuna, 1x nigiri ama ebi, 1x nigiri crabstick, 1x nigiri unagi, 1x nigiri ebi, 3x maki salmon, 3x maki cucumber, 4x uramaki spicy tuna, 4x uramaki california € 25.00 129
  4. Online sushi en poke bowls bestellen bij Sushi 8 Nijnsel. Gemakkelijk online betalen, razendsnel thuisbezorgd. Officiële website
  5. California Roll - California Roll Uramaki Another Sushi Recipe. Addicted 2 Sushi August 23, 2021 August 23, 2021 Videos. sourc
  6. URAMAKI SALMÓN. € 7,90. Salmón cocido, aguacate y philadelphia enrollado en arroz de sushi en tempura y cubierto de cebolla crujiente y salsa Kimchi. Información adicional. Alérgenos. Cereales con gluten, Huevos, Lácteos, Mostaza, Pescado, Soja, Sulfitos

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All Sushi Rolls Hosomaki Uramaki Futomaki Dragons Hot Rolls. Active filters. New. New Popularity Price, low to high Price, high to low 95067 Six pieces of salmon and cucumber roll coated with shavings of tuna topped with crab sticks, tobiko and mayonnaise. Includes ginger, wasabi and soy sauce Uramaki 202 / Salmon flambé roll. 11,00 € Salmon flambé roll Visualizzazione Veloce. Uramaki 205 / Tuna special roll. 12,00.

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Salmon Shiso Uramaki määrä Sushi'n'roll Eira. ma-la 11-21 · su 14-21 · lounas ma-pe 11-15 Kapteeninkatu 7, Helsinki +358 40 351 4289. Yrityksen yhteystiedot. Puh. +358 40 351 4289 info@sushinroll.fi Y-tunnus 3107841-7. Tilaus- ja toimitusehdot Rekisteriseloste Salmon flambé roll. Prodotti correlati Visualizzazione Veloce. Uramaki 132 / Ebi mix. 12,00 Uramaki 60 / Leon roll. 10,00. Uramaki Rolls. L uramaki sono quei roll dove non si vede l alga esterna, C'è una varietà infinita a fantasia dello chef, noi proponiamo i più famosi più 3/4 tipi un Po innovativi con creme particolari. Visualizzazione di 1-8 di 11 risultati

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A mix of popular sushi dishes and innovated non-traditional Japanese dishes. signature rolls with Latin and tropical flavors. Unique, inspiringa vibrant environment where you can enjoy an unforgettable culinary experience. A place were you are known , you are welcome, you are delighted 6. Salmon tartar (3,4,6,11))-lososový tatarák s avokádem, kaviárem, majonézou a sójovou omáčkou 175 Kč 7. Tuna tataki - 5ks (4,6,11) - tenké plátky tuňáka s teryiaki omáčkou a jarní cibulkou 185 Kč 8. Ebi tempura - 4 ks (4,1)) - smažené tygří krevety v tempuře se sladkou omáčkou 220 K

8 uramaki rolls prepared with avocado, carrot, cucumber and red pepper slices, tofu and chives to finish from £5.40 Green Tatsu 8 uramaki rolls prepared with cream cheese, avocado slice, salmon, a mix of black and white seeds and an avocado roof to finalize Volcano Roll Uramaki Vegetarian Spicy Tuna | Chives | Cucumber | Black Tobiko | Teriyaki Glaze | Cashew Nuts. £11.50 Add to basket. Chicken Katsu Uramaki Spring Onion | Togarashi | Mirin Marinated Red Pepper Mayo. £11.00 Add to basket. Alaska Summer Uramaki Salmon | Cream Cheese | Strawberry | Teriyaki Glaze Sushi Rolls. Uramaki roll salmon mandorla teriaki. Saved by Salvatore Ottaviano. 5. Sushi Rolls Almonds Cooking Ethnic Recipes Fun Kitchen Almond Joy Almond Brewing Uramaki Classic. Involtino di riso e sesamo esterno, con alga all'interno, a scelta tra: Roll of rice and sesame seeds outside, with seaweed, choose from: Salmone o Spicy Salmon o Salmone ed Avocado o Philadelphia e Salmone al vapore. Salmon or Spicy Salmon or Salmon and Avocado or Cream Cheese and steamed Salmon 88.Arcoiris roll 8 piezas. Surimi, aguacate, pepino, cubierto atún, salmón y pez mantequilla. 85B NEW YORK ROLLO. 11,50 € NEW 87C ATUN URAMAKI FLAMEADO. 8P.

Sushi Uramaki Salmon Teriyaki Roll Sushi Uramaki Salmon Teriyaki Roll cu file de somon la tigaie, avocado, semințe de susan și sos teriyaki 220 gr 8 buc. 23 00 . Sushi Uramaki Sake Aburi Roll Sushi cu file de somon flambat. 26 00 . Diverse. General T`so Chicken tocana de pulpe superioare de pui partita la wok in sos dulce, acrisor si iute. Recensisci per primo Uramaki dragon roll Annulla risposta. Il tuo indirizzo email non sarà pubblicato. I campi obbligatori sono contrassegnati * La tua valutazione * Uramaki salmon roll

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Wakame salmon roll salmon, aguacate, wakame, salsa mayonesa y unagi sesamo. 8.70€ / 9 piezas . Dinamita roll massago langostino, aguacate, salmon 8 uramaki atún y salmón 4 salmón roll 4 atún roll 4 maki salmón con queso 4 maki salmón con aguacate 3 nigiri salmón 3 nigiri atún. 24.40€ / 30 pc Naked C 98 stk. (5-6 personer) . Kaburimaki: 8 Topped Salmon, 8 Topped Tuna, 8 Dynamite, 8 Wasabi crunch laks Uramaki: 8 Crispy ebi, 8 Spicy tuna roll, Futomaki: 12 California big, 12 Tempura roll (Chef's choice) Hosomaki: 8 Laks, 8 Agurk Nigiri: 4 Laks, 4 Flamberet Reje, 2 Tun Original pris 1158,- kr. Tilbudspris: 829,00 kr Uramaki roll (atún, aguacate, envuelto de atún y aguacate) 8.40€ 37. Pasion roll (salmón, aguacate, envuelto de salmón y aguacate) 8.30€ 38. Fantasy uramaki (salmón, kura, hueva de salmón, aguacate, envuelto de salmón) 8.60€ 39. Uramaki de pollo (crujiente con salsa teriyaki). Uramaki . Salmón Roll. 10 Unidades. (Exterior: Salmón Salvaje e Ikura. Interior: Guacamole Japonés y Camarones) 18€ Marisco, Pescado, Gluten. Tuna Roll. 10 Unidades. (Exterior: Akami, Toro y Camarones. Interior: Migas de Tuétano y Negitoro con Salsa Chipotle) 22.

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Uramaki Salmon Spicy 9,00 € Salmone, avocado, semi di sesamo, polvere piccante (8 pz) Uramaki Tonno Spicy. 10,50 € Acquista. Uramaki Italia Roll. 9,00 € Acquista. Uramaki Holy Roll Fresh-grilled salmon served on a bed of wakame seaweed, mixed green leaves, carrots, white radish, tomatoes, spring onions, coriander leaf, peanuts, cucumber, lime and chilli. sweet red onion marmalade and scallion cream cheese uramaki roll, draped with thin slices of flame-grilled beef tenderloin and garnished with crispy potato matchsticks Sushi for Two (32 Pieces) 1 Tuna Hanamaki (avocado and tempura shrimp wrapped in tuna). 1 Sesame Uramaki (avocado plus one chef's choice additional covered with sesame). 4 Tuna Nigiri. 2 Salmon Nigiri. 2 Shrimp Nigiri. 2 Squid Nigiri. 2 Octopus Nigiri. 2 Masago Nigiri. 2 Tamagoyaki. $22.000 10x Uramaki salmon gold 10x Uramaki philadelfia 12x Futomaki kanon 6x Hosomaki avokado 2x Nigiri salmon 2x Nigiri tuna 42 kawałki. Uramaki philadelphia roll 5szt. Uramaki tempura coco 5szt. Uramaki tobiko roll 5szt. 15 kawałków. 59,00 zł Oferta specjalna. Tempura set mini.

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Bestil online fra Hachi Sushi i København Ø på JUST EAT. Food Tracker® og flere betalingsmetoder. Nyd levering fra Hachi Sushi nu Download this Premium Photo about Philadelphia sushi roll with salmon and tuna crab, avocado, served on a dark plate with wasabi and ginger. isolation on a black background. japanese food, and discover more than 9 Million Professional Stock Photos on Freepi

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A8.dia y noche. Uramaki Black salmón 4piezas. Uramaki black ebiten 4piezas. Uramaki Aburi salmón roll 4piezas. Uramaki pollo frito 4piezas. 16 Piezas. 18.00€. Añade tu menú seleccionado 4 involtini, 2 crispy roll. 2 futomaki fritti, kantina roll, uramaki smoked roll, uramaki ebi, uramaki salmone, uramaki tuna, 4 bibite o bottiglia di vino €85.00 Antipast Ichi Set. Ideal for sharing! Ichi Roll, 6 pieces of avocado hosomaki, 6 pieces of asparagus hosomaki, 2 pieces of salmon nigiri, 2 pieces of tuna nigiri, 2 pieces of inari nigiri, 3 pieces of salmon sashimi, 3 pieces of sea bream sashimi, wakame salad and sushi ginger. £29.90

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Products are made daily in store and product range many vary from store to store. Please note: While we're confident many of our ingredients are free from specific allergens, we can't guarantee that any menu items are completely free from cross-contamination and traces of allergens, even when made fresh to order.This is due to all of our products being made in the same kitchen Ebi Fry Roll Uramaki £5.60 . Deep fried prawn with bread crumbs. Prawn Tempura with Avocado Uramaki £5.50 . Spicy Salmon with Cucumber Uramaki £5.50 . Spicy Tuna with Cucumber Uramaki £5.90 . Crunch Uramaki. Salmon & Avocado Crunchy Uramaki £5.90 . Tuna & Avocado Crunchy Uramaki £6.50. OK Wok te ofrece la más exquisita variedad de China que puedes encontrar en Santiago de Compostela. Ven a visitarnos o haz tu pedido online. Verás como te sorprenderemos con nuestras especialidades